About Us

RxLifestyleMD.com is a resource for people who want to apply lifestyle changes in order to improve health. Here you will find posts about how lifestyle factors may influence health and disease. We also provide a unique collection of lifestyle modifications for many diseases and health challenges.

RxLifestyleMD.com is owned and operated by Allan Fjelmberg MD MPH DipIBLM, a medical doctor certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

He graduated from medical school in 2007 and has a background as a general practitioner and has since 2012 worked at Skogli Health and Rehabilitation Center in Lillehammer, Norway. In addition, he has for periods worked as a supervising physician at Fredheim Lifestyle Center.

He also completed a master degree in public health and lifestyle medicine from Loma Linda University, California. Loma Linda University is one of the drivers of education in Lifestyle Medicine due to its extensive research on the connection between lifestyle and health. Loma Linda is one of the five original “blue zones” areas in the world where life expectancy is traditionally higher than elsewhere and has a lower levels of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and other lifestyle related diseases.

As of 2017, medical doctors have the opportunity to become certified in Lifestyle Medicine through the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine. In November 2017 dr. Fjelmberg became the first Norwegian doctor certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

Through consultations, lectures, articles and other public health-related activities, he motivates people to utilize the potential that a healthy lifestyle has both in the prevention, treatment and, in some cases, the reversal of chronic diseases.